Lean Laboratory

No other consulting company has BSM’s knowledge and experience of implementing lean in the Lab. Over 15 years and more than 500 laboratory projects, BSM has developed Lean methodologies and solutions specific to the Lab environment that substantially improve organisation and measurable performance.

Laboratories are not the same as manufacturing environments. While most of the key principles of traditional Lean still apply, there are many unique challenges involved in effectively implementing them in laboratories.

The Benefits of our Lean Lab Approach

  • Defined, structured and controlled laboratory processes delivering more consistent and predicable laboratory performance
  • Significantly Increased productivity
  • Reduced lead-times
  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduced levels of WIP
  • Improved RFT (Right First Time)
  • A detailed understanding of lab capacity and resourcing requirements
  • Greater empowerment of laboratory personnel
  • A culture of pro-active performance management and continuous improvement
  • Improved customer service levels

BSM believe

  • That investment in computerised tracking systems will not in itself improve release performance. The underlying process must be re-engineered
  • That fast-tracking or priority systems lead to inconsistent performance. The best approach is to re-engineer the process to improve the velocity for every batch
  • In involving shop floor and support personnel in the detailed design of improved processes
  • In communicating frequently to process users and support personnel during an improvement project
  • In building structured performance management processes including definition of suitable metrics and daily review huddles
  • In maximising the degree of self management of laboratory personnel.