Global Lean Programs

BSM helps the world’s leading Life Science companies to design and run global Lean programs, e.g.

The programs are always based on the following ‘Real Lean’ building blocks:

  • Levelling
  • Flow
  • Standard Work
  • Visual Management

BSM are recognised by our clients as experts in planning for and delivering sustainability across a global organisation. The key elements in our approach are as follows:

  • Program Charter workshops with a major emphasis on Goal Deployment.
  • Consistent Scope Management throughout the life of the program.
  • A solid Program Management structure.
  • Standard Deployment Models which outline in detail how each program element should be executed.
  • Web-based knowledge management.
  • BSM’s exceptional knowledge of Real Lean and the Life Science business environment.
  • Ability to meet both the needs of each site and those of the overall organisation.
  • BSM’s unique methodologies for Diagnostic Scans and Project Management.
  • Measurable Success: a program which delivers exceptional results is well on the way to delivering sustainability.