Digital Visual Management

Visual Management is a core element of Lab Excellence and our Methodology. Traditionally visual management has relied on old fashioned, physical whiteboards. We have now created lab-specific, digital visual management that can be displayed on a touch screen allowing direct interaction and updating in real time.

Visual Management is an approach to managing lab operations that uses visually presented information to direct activities, communicate progress and highlight issues. Information is presented in a way that can be understood quickly by everyone. It creates a clear, shared understanding of lab performance and operational status. True digital visual management links the front line activities with top line management through a structured framework where information is cascaded through the organization in real time.

The Advantages of Digital Visual Management include:

  • Real Time information of lab status
  • Accessibility from any computer or device connected to your internal network
  • Automatic calculation and display of Key Performance Indicators
  • Real Time visibility for Managers and senior Leadership
  • Minimal effort to update and maintain
  • Neat, aesthetically pleasing look
  • Smart controls automatically flag issues E.g. approaching due date of an investigation, Underutilization of resources, etc.